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With immeasurable sadness I have to report that my father, Vic, passed away on Monday 9th October after a short illness, at the age of 74.

Dad was very proud of what he'd achieved with this website — in creating, nurturing and sustaining an online community of so many Old Elizabethans; in capturing memories to build an enduring record of life at the school from both historical and social perspectives; and in bringing enjoyment to all those who participate.

He was determined that the website should survive him, not as a dusty archive but as a living continuance of his work. In accordance with his wishes I shall be maintaining this site from now onwards by publishing your contributions and keeping the conversation alive.

There are several of your messages which are waiting to be published to the site, which will appear soon. I would urge you to carry on contributing in the knowledge that normal service will resume shortly.

In memoriam
Victor Thomas Coughtrey 1942–2017