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NAME: Mike Carter

DATE: 08 June 2009

CONNECTION WITH QE: Old Boy 1957-1963

Mention has been made of the trip to Lake Como in I think 1958.  This sent me looking at various slides I took on that holiday (those that came out) and I have one of Messrs Alford, Dilley and Fry.  Regretfully I haven't been able to find any other slides showing participants on the trip although I do have one of the hotel staff.  I remember that we were asked to provide any photos taken for a parents evening which took place some time afterwards.  The trip included a visit to Milan where we had a tour of the Cathedral and that we returned to the UK via Lucerne on Lake Geneva.


NAME: Stephen Giles  Stephen Giles

DATE: 11th June 2009

CONNECTION WITH QE: Inmate 1957-64

Hello Mike, I think I remember you from all those years ago.  I went on that trip to Lake Como, and somewhere I have some slides that I took with my father's camera.  If I find them I'll need to get them scanned, which I'm sure can be done in Croydon, our nearest big town.  I remember Pew Iller playing boogie woogie on the hotel piano and Alfie suggesting that he played a little quieter!  It seems unbelievable now that we travelled all the way by train accross France and Switzerland overnight.  Music wise - everything comes back to music with me, I remember listening to a record called Susie Darlin' by Robin Luke on local jukeboxes which I bought in England and still have to this day.  I went on another school trip to Norway possibly in 1962 and may have some photos of that one.


NAME: Mike Carter

DATE: 17th June 2009


Hello, Stephen.  I had forgotten about the piano playing until you mentioned it.  As I recall we were a noisy bunch, I can remember one of the waiters trying a Manuel impression long before Fawlty Towers, to get us to quieten down.  Do you remember the peaches and the ice cream and swimming in the lake?


NAME: Stephen Giles  Stephen Giles

DATE: 21th December 2015

CONNECTION WITH QE: Inmate 1957-64

Ah Nick, your reference in reply 16/109 to Derek Fry has reminded me that I must try to find the photos I have of the QE trip to Lake Como - somewhere in our attic! See Stephen's reply 1 above from six years ago!

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