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NAME: Jonathan

18 December 2009

CONNECTION WITH QE: Current pupil (since 2005)

Many of the complaints of the OEs who have shown anger towards the school for how they were treated during their time their seem hard to comprehend to me, a current Year 11 at the school.  It is clear that the school has changed 'its ways' since then as it not only offers an excellent level of education but really does build character, encouraging boys to take up extra-curricular activities wherever possible.  I agree that the school's disciplinary system is flawed, often accusing innocent pupils of wrongdoings in hope that they will confess to a crime they did not commit, but in the wider picture it is more beneficial to have a strict set of rules as it instils discipline within the boys who will carry this into their future careers and everyday life.  QE is a machine.  In goes a rabble of inexperienced young boys and out comes a group of intellegent, well-rounded young men.


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