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Richard 'Rastus' Dilley with Mike Cottrell
Richard 'Rastus' Dilley Dilley & Cottrell 2012
These two pictures of Richard 'Rastus' Dilley, who taught geography and maths at the school from 1957-63, span 51 years. They were kindly supplied by Mike Cottrell and show RD in 1961 or 62 during a school trip to Colle Isarco, northern Italy and in 2012 at the 117th annual OE dinner in the school hall The man with RD (to the right of him !) in the recent pic is Mike himself. He also took the photo (an "arm's length job" as he calls it).

It's clear from the various comments about him on this site that 'Rastus' Dilley was held in high regard by pupils, both at QE and the Royal Masonic, where he later taught. I have to admit that I didn't share this opinion at the time as he had it in for me in a big way. That was because I got hopelessly behind with homework and appeared to have no enthusiasm whatsoever for Geography. If you should happen to read this, Mr Dilley, I'd like to offer a somewhat belated apology for being the cause of your losing your usual calm on many occasions! I can assure you I caused my previous geography master Sam C0cks the same degree of anguish and just as frequently.

SEE ALSO: pic of RD with Mssrs Alford & Fry in 1958.  RD at the Royal Masonic (extract from book).