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ONLINE MUSEUM: the school song
1.Queen Elizabeth sat one day
Watching her mariners rich and gay,
And there were the Tilbury guns at play,
And there was the bold sea rover.
Up comes Leicester, so brisk and free,
Makes his bow, and he says, says he,
"Gracious Queen of the land and sea,
From Tilbury Fort to Dover".
Chorus - Queen Elizabeth, etc.
2. "Marry, come up," says good Queen Bess
"Draw it shorter and prose it less;
Speeches are things we chiefly bless
When once we have got them over;
Spenser carries you well along,
And the Swan and Avon is rich in song-
Still we have sometimes found them long,
I and the bold sea rover!"
Chorus - Queen Elizabeth, etc.
3. "Queen" he says, "I have in store
A beautiful school from roof to floor;
And I have a farm of acres four,
And a meadow of grass and clover;
So may it please you, good Queen B.,
Give me a charter, firm and free;
For there is Barnet, and this to me,
And that is the bold sea rover!"
Chorus - Queen Elizabeth, etc.
4."Bad little boys" says she, "at school
Want a teacher to rede and rule;
Train a dunce, and you find a fool -
Cattle must have a drover;
By my halidome I propose
You be a teacher of verse and prose".
(What a halidome no one knows,
Even the bold sea rover!)
Chorus - Queen Elizabeth, etc.
5."And this is my charter firm and free,
This is my royal, great decree -
Hits to the rail shall count for three
And six when fairly over;
And if anyone comes and makes a fuss,
Send the radical off to us,
And I will tell him I choose it thus,
And so will the bold sea rover!"
Chorus - Queen Elizabeth, etc.
For information about this, please refer to Thread 124, reply 1