Stapylton Field
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Then & now!
Contributors appear in alphabetical order
Vic Coughtrey at 21 Vic Coughtrey at 32 Vic Coughtrey at 70
Vic Coughtrey QE: 1954-59 L/H IMAGE: Several years after QE, age 21. CENTRE IMAGE: at 32. R/H IMAGE: at 70.
James Cowen at 11 James Cowen in 1964 James Cowen recently
James (Jas) Cowen QE: 1956-63 L/H IMAGE: About to start at QE at 11. CENTRE IMAGE: At Cambridge in about 1964. R/H IMAGE: c2012.
Martyn Day in the 60s Martyn Day recently
Martyn Day QE: 1956-63 L/H IMAGE: Still at QE. R/H IMAGE: Recently.
Adam Lines in 1957 Adam Lines in 1965 Adam Lines in 2013
Adam Lines QE: 1957-64 L/H IMAGE: First year, 1957. CENTRE IMAGE: 1965. R/H IMAGE: 2013.
D.Selway-Hoskins in about 1958 D.Selway-Hoskins in 2013
David Selway-Hoskins QE: 1955-62 L/H IMAGE: Still at QE (c1958). R/H IMAGE: 2013. David says: "The perceptive may just discern that my hairstyle has changed a little - still as much but rearranged"
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