Stapylton Field
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Memories of Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet

In memoriam
Victor Thomas Coughtrey 1942–2017


QE, facing Stapylton Field
This website was started in 2004, primarily as a platform for the reminiscences of those who were fortunate or unfortunate enough (both viewpoints are well represented) to attend Queen Elizabeth's School in High Barnet, north London. It was never intended to rival the official website in any way. Over the years it has developed into a fairly substantial social ducument which may prove of some interest to more people than Old Elizabethans alone. It offers an abundance of memories, data, history, comment and photographs, while some insight into the careers, lives and personaities of the contributors seeps through.

The course the site has taken over the years has been largely up to the contributors, whether 'Old Boys' (the overwhelming majority), former staff, present students, present staff or anyone else with anything interesting to add. At the heart of the site are the two thriving message boards, one primarily for reminiscences and comments about the school or education in general, the other (the 'Wider World' board) for the 'outside' interests of OEs.

It is NOT my intention, as some have imagined, that the site should be coloured by my own unfortunate experience of the place. I was, after all, at the school a very long time ago and have already described that experience on my personal website.
The photograph of the front of the school as seen from Stapylton Field was taken by Angela Snowdon © 2014