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NAME: Yessar

DATE: 19 February 2011

CONNECTION WITH QE: Prospective parent

Having seen the mixed messages about QE, I am not sure if I will be doing the right thing for my son if he gets selected in 10 days.  We noted that he was way ahead of his school year and did not send him for entrance tests tutoring.  He has reached the final stages of almost all indies he applied to.  Unfortunately, we don't think that he would get any funding and that would rule out indies for him. We have now decided to go in with QE (provided he gets it).  In case he gets some scholarship from schools like John Lyon, would anyone be able to suggest if JL may be a better option than QE - considering the QE students' issues being discussed in the thread here?


NAME: Vic Coughtrey  Vic CoughtreyThen & Now

DATE: 19 February 2011


This website is primarily for former pupils to reminisce about their time at the school.  In most cases, this was a very long time ago and no conclusions about the school as it is today can possibly be drawn from our comments, whether negative or positive.  It's true that there have been a few comments from more recent pupils of the school, but these are mixed - exactly as you would expect with any school whatsoever.  The academic record of the school in recent years appears to be excellent and the standard of discipline and behaviour is probably above average (yes, I know some of us have complained bitterly about the strict discipline in the old days, but since then things have probably swung too far the other way in schools in general).  But the truth is that this website is not really the place to look for an informed assessment of how good the school is in 2011 !  It might be different if the occasional parent were to put a message on the site, but so far this hasn't happened for some reason.  Try the Schoolsnet site.


NAME: Yessar

DATE: 02 March 2011

CONNECTION WITH QE: Thanks Vic.  My son has got an offer from QE today and he is accepting it.
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