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ONLINE MUSEUM: Underne House in late 1966 or '67
Underne House in '606 or '67
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This picture was kindly contributed by Stafford Gage. Stafford says the photo was taken by Martin Gould, who has been discussed quite a few times on this site (see list of former staff). The housemaster of Underne, the typically upright 'Poker' Pearce, is in the centre of the picture and Stafford has identified some of the boys as follows: Next but one to Mr. Pearce, camera left, is Gray Snr.; next to him is Charles Farrar; next but one to him is Graham Peters, then David Thomas, Stafford himself and (he thinks) Featherstone. The master third along (camera right) from Mr Pearce is Mr Curry and next but one to him, camera right, is Davenall, then Smith; next but one to him is Steve Lisney, then Harboard and Mick Curtis. In the back tow, 9th from left is Gray and in the row in front of the back row is his twin brother, but Stafford can't recall their forenames.. Nick Dean has added a lot more names. He thinks the Gray in the back row is Peter Gray. He adds that three to the right of him (below the third shield) is Dick Aylard (of Falklands and Prince Charles fame) and on his right (facing the picture) is Stephen Arnold. Next but one, he says, (in glasses and black tie) is Jeremy Hopkins, brother of Kelvin Hopkins MP, and second to sixth from the right in the back row are Alan Emond (leading promoter of rock concerts at the school in the late 60s/early 70s), P G Smith, P J Smith (no relation), John Ward and Dieter Eder. Also in the back row, third from the left is Mark Dearnley and fifth from the left, with blond hair, is David Miller. To his right (as we look at it) is Duncombe (maybe Peter – he had a younger brother, Roger). Seventh in from the right, to the left of Dieter Eder (later Dieter Den(n)is), is John Govey, who, says Nick, was a "genuine railway buff". In the second row, second from the left, is, Nick thinks, David Gray (Peter’s twin) and to his right (the short chap) is Richard Lines. Sixth from the left is Carl Eder/Den(n)is, Dieter’s elder brother. Michael Hill says that in the 2nd row from the back, right to left, are: Charles Torrington, David Eabrey, Michael Hill, Brian Hopkins, ?? (someone seated), Roger Cavell, John Crastek. Michael thinks that in the back row, 10th from the right (with dark 'Beatle' mop of hair), is Phillip Waugh, who he says was tragically killed in a light aircraft crash near Southend Airport, circa 1971. Would anyone care to take on the task of ordering all the above into a neat summary, as John Bibby kindly did for the Underne '61 photo?

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