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NAME: James (Jas) Cowen  James & Ayleen Cowen James Cowen galleryThen & Now

DATE: 28 July 2013


Having recently received again a newsletter from both my Cambridge college (The Sidney Sussex Phaeon) and the University (The Cam Newsletter) free of charge I wonder if the school should have adopted a similar name and address database and encouraged old scholars to let them know any changes of address. Most people seem to let my old college know and this clearly is also passed on to the University. I know this costs some money but there are always separate fundraising efforts both directly and indirectly by charging for reunion events. One can always join the OES but maybe many were put off from doing this like me for thinking it was just for sportsmen who wished to carry on playing rugger and/or cricket and at one time also athletics for the OEs. Once they also had a tennis section and now have a golf section. If there was such a database it would be possible to target classes of OEs such as the 1962 joiners or 1963 leavers to come to dinners.


NAME: James (Jas) Cowen  James & Ayleen Cowen James Cowen galleryThen & Now

DATE: 14 January 2014


In relation to my original message above, I attended the last OE Annual Dinner and the treasurer of the OE Association in his speech then said that he would like any OE who has not done so to send his address to the school, if agreeable, whether he wants to join the Association or not. They are trying to build up a larger database for OEs in the same way as my old college does have such a database, though there also there are gaps for those not letting the college know. Mention was also made at the Dinner of trying to have as large a base of names as Highgate school, but please do not let such rivalry put you off letting the school know your details, if they do not already. I for one applaud the fact that the school and current headmaster and his deputies are always keen to promote connections with OEs including the alumnus newsletter and encouraging OEs to visit the school. Some OEs also help support Friends events.
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