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NAME: Anon

DATE: 01 April 2006

CONNECTION WITH QE: Pupil 2000 - 2005.

You know what?  QE wasn't that bad.

The cross-country runs, the muddy rugby games that I pretended to take part in, the mouldy swimming pool, whatever.

I sit here, living out my rock'n'roll fantasy life better than I could ever imagine, and yet I regret quitting after GCSEs.

Without naming names, we got to watch porn in certain classes over the projector.

We learned about the differences between tripping on DXM vs Codeine, the most efficient way to make a bong and how to synthesise meth.

I can safely say I did f*** all work for five years, especially when compared to the amount I'm supposed to be doing this year.  But there it is I guess, the QE entrance exam was non-verbal reasoning which I aced, and I was able to coast for five years.  I dunno.

Also, going to a Sixth Form with no real dress code actually makes you appreciate how easy, smart and useful wearing suits is.

Sure the rules may have been too tight in parts (no hair below the collar), but we got away with so much shit.

Class A drugs had been dealt out of the lockers, cigarettes were smoked pretty much anywhere on site that we dared.  For most of Year 11 half the year was stoned or drunk every day.

Not to mention the blatantly racist, violent confrontations that took place pretty much every day (I probably ended up saying "Paki" more than  Yes Sir" by the end of it).

I dunno, mixed reactions.  Nostalgia..


NAME: Vic Coughtrey  Vic CoughtreyThen & Now

DATE: 02 April 2006


No wonder you want to remain anonymous!  Are you sure some of your message doesn't owe something to the date of it?  Perhaps some present 6th-formers (or even staff, dare I suggest?) would like to come forward to cast doubt on some of this colourful description of what goes on at the old school these days?


NAME: Anon

DATE: 10 September 2009


I was a prefect at the same time that this person was at school and probably had the joy of dragging him off to clean up the slop hall known as the refectory.  I wouldn't call the sex ed videos in biology lessons porn.  With regard to drugs information and synthesising, whilst the science teaching at the school was good it was not that good.  I somewhat remember a couple of minor scuffles but with the ethnic mix at the school, it probably wasn't the best idea to be a blatant racist but maybe just a quiet harmless discrete one.
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