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NAME: Derek Scudder

25 March 2012

CONNECTION WITH QE: pupil 1957-64

I've just had a look at the 1962 First Eleven photo that was recently added to the Museum and think there may be a mistake in the naming order on the back row.  I think R F (Roger) Aldons is third from the left, not fourth as in the caption.  If I remember rightly he and his brother were among the very few ethnic minority pupils at the time.  Roger was also a good footballer and had a ferociously hard shot.  As I played in goal in five a side games in the gym I was always keen to be on his side.  I played my last game aged 50 and, in all that time, can't recall anybody with such a powerful shot.


NAME: James (Jas) Cowen  James & Ayleen Cowen James Cowen galleryThen & Now

DATE: 26 July 2012


It was a pleasure to see the First XI photo in the museum archive. Richard Beeny, whom as a fellow classicist I knew well at school and after, looks very smart as the scorer in the school uniform.  I had not remembered him in that role.  One person who served with distinction in that role before Richard was PJ Rhodes known always as PJ.  I remember he was a pupil with great academic success.  Maybe others recall him.  He was also part of the prefect/sub-prefect hierarchy to which I was never a member, having received many lines from several and never of course giving out any.


NAME: Derek White

DATE: 01 February 2015

CONNECTION WITH QE: Pupil 1955 -1962

I was hoping Derek Scudder's spot the deliberate mistake [original message] might draw some recollections from those members of the 1st XI. He is correct, Roger Plumb and Roger Aldons' names have indeed been reversed. We must have noticed at the time! I recall 1st XV, 1st XI and Athletics team photos lined the hall side of the upper corridor and were still there in 1991. This particular cricket photo was missing - I expect readers will think I removed it - I didn't. I imagine and trust they are still there.

NOTE FROM VIC: they were all till there in the late '90s but see Geoffrey Conner's remarks at 152/28
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