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NAME: Stephen Giles  Stephen Giles

DATE: 22 July 2017

CONNECTION WITH QE: inmate 57-64

Shut your eyes if you do not want a warning!! Over the past 2-3 weeks not only had my wife's speech deteriated to the point where she could say perhaps three words then nothing, which left me guessing what may have come next, she had memory loss, and her mobility (already bad - she is a blue badge holder) became so bad that something had to be done. Once in Croydon A & E later that evening it took just 15 minutes to first examination cubicle and the start of a multitude of tests. By 4am, we were advised that the CT Scan showed a blood clot between her skull and brain, (caused by a knock to the head), details of which had already been sent to St George's Tooting Neurological Unit for their opinion. By 5am arrangements had been made for her transfer to St George's three hours later. Surgery to remove the blood clot was performed overnight Monday, and by magic within five minutes of waking up her normal speech and most memory had returned. She has only walked around her bed very slowly so far. Moral - if you bang your head, get yourself along to the nearest A & E for a check immediately, because internal bleeding can take months to show any symptoms of the problems experienced by my wife!! RESTRICTED THREAD: please make health the main topic of your reply.


NAME: James (Jas) Cowen  James & Ayleen Cowen James Cowen galleryThen & Now

DATE: 28 July 2017

CONNECTION WITH QE: pupil 1956-63

Thanks for this warning voice notice. I hope all who read will assimilate and pursue, if necessary. If any of my family including my wife and I bang our head we will pursue the matter, as instructed. I am glad to hear your wife benefited so well from the medical treatment. Best wishes for the future.


NAME: Nigel Wood  Nigel Wood

DATE: 28 July 2017


What an incredibly worrying few days for you both! [see original message]. Thank you for reporting what happened; I shall certainly take your advice. I expect that, like me, you feel extremely grateful for the NHS and upset about threats to its proper functioning. Very best wishes to you both.


NAME: Stephen Giles  Stephen Giles

DATE: 31 July 2017

CONNECTION WITH QE: inmate 1957-64

Thank you James & Nigel for your kind comments. My wife continues to improve - she was discharged from St George's 4 days after surgery and the 22 staples over her head wound were removed 5 days later at our GP surgery, for which she chose not to have any local anaesthetic! She has been given the go ahead to fly to Spain in early September, although because of her health history, travel insurance is now proving tricky. She is hoping be able to drive in a couple of weeks time.


NAME: Mike Cottrell  Richard Dilley & Mike Cottrell

DATE: 03 August 2017


What a story and I'm delighted your wife is on the mend. Best wishes to you both.


NAME: Stephen Giles  Stephen Giles

DATE: 07 August 2017

CONNECTION WITH QE: inmate 1957-64

Many thanks for your kind wishes Mike.

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