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??? Where are they now ???

People sometimes find our site when they or others google their names. That's either because they are or have been contributors to the site or they are mentioned somewhere on it. So I started this list of OEs we've never heard from, many of whom are not even mentioned anywhere else on the site, so that Google would pick them up. If there's any OE you'd like to hear from or at least about (some are no longer alive, of course) please use this form to put them on this list (but check the register first to make sure they're not already contributors).

When you submit a name, you'll get the usual automated acknowledgement. By all means submit several names at a time if you wish.

If you've just found this site and appear in this list yourself, you will be taken off it as soon as you submit a message (or you can ask to be removed from it, of course).

If NEWS about someone has been received, the entry will have a grey background. Click anywhere along a grey row to see the news. The news page also explains how to submit news about yourself or others on the list.

Howard ADDINGTON1950s
Neil BEDFORD1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
John BENTLEY1956-63
Andrew BULLET[T]1960s
Sean BROWN1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
John BUTLER1950s
Michael CLARKE1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
Brian COOPER1945-53Knew Tommy Wells
Kenneth COOPER1940sOlder brother of above
Douglas COUTTS1954 to early '60sIn form 1c
Richard CROFT1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
Dean CROSS1964 to ??In form 1c
Ian CULLEN1956-63
Tim DUNNINGHAM1955-early '60s
Roger EDRUPT1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
(David?) GAYLARD1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
Stephen GLEGHORN1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
Anton GOLDSTEIN1954 to ??
Ivan GREEN1950s
P.A.GREGORY1954 to ??
Eddie GUY1956-63
Robert HAYTER1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
Peter HAYWARDc 1958 to c 1966New Barnet, 1970Working at Maws in 1970
Chris HEALEY1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
T.O.R.J. HERBERT1954 to early '60s
Neil HOLLOWAY1960s
John HOPKINS1950s
Ed HUDSON1960s
Peter KAY1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
Jonathan KING1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
John LAMBERT1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
A.S.LUDER1960s to early'70sSub-prefect in 1971
Anthony MILLS1960 to ??Evelyn Road, CockfostersIn form 1c. Brother of Stephen, below
Stephen MILLS1964 to ??Evelyn Road, CockfostersBrother of Stephen, above
G.T.MORGAN1960 to ??Sub-prefect in 1971
Ian Nelson Stuart MURRAY1954 to early '60sExeter University, 1960sIn form 1c
Brian PETTIT1956-63
Chris PROFFITT1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
Ron PULLEN1956-63
Stephen Charles ROWLEY1956-63Reigate, 1978Working for the BBC in 1970s
Ian SAGE1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
J.C. SWANN1950s to early '60sSchool Captain c.1961
Godfrey SMITH1956-63
David SUMMERS1956-61
James TABRAHAM1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
Andrew TAYLOR1960s
Nigel THORNE1960 to ??
John WALSH1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
John WITNEY1950s
(John?} WORRALL1960 to ??Probably in form 1c
David ZYLUK1960 to ??Probably in form 1c