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NAME: James (Jas) Cowen  James & Ayleen Cowen James Cowen galleryThen & Now

DATE: 20 April 2013

CONNECTION WITH QE: Pupil 1956-1963

I was interested to see the new photo addition to the site, of the football players of 1961 including at least 3 ex- Harrisons guys (Messrs Tarry, Woodford and Newton). I too remember 1 unofficial soccer game in which I played, possibly it was an inter form battle. Perhaps others may recall the occasion. I remember Brian Pettit urging me as left back to hit or head the ball out of touch whenever being attacked. I have enjoyed many soccer games since leaving school and had advanced to the degree of keeping the ball on the pitch and passing the ball. I remember Russell Harty, the TV presenter, saying that he was always last to be picked in the side allocations and the picker saying "Do we have to have Harty? We had him last week." I fear I was usually almost in that role myself in the early days. But I did improve.


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